Prof. Dr. Miriam Kyselo

Philosopher/Cognitive Scientist

_B8A5371 2

I am a philosopher and cognitive scientist, and I am especially interested in the relationship between self, embodiment and social cognition. I am a visiting Professor of Philosophy of Cognition at the Technical University of Berlin. I am also the leader  of Inter-Self Lab and a Principal Investigator in Science of Intelligence (SCIoI), an interdisciplinary research cluster just funded by Germany’s Excellence Strategy Program.

My main research goal is to advance an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to the bodily and social self and to help to better understand the dynamics between self and social cognition. My theory relies particularly on embodied and enactive cognition and system-theoretic principles of self-organisation and autonomy.  I argue that we are no islands, but deeply social beings and that the self is an open and processual phenomenon.

In the Excellence Cluster “SCIoI”, I join forces with great colleagues from various disciplines, including robotics, psychology, philosophy, biology, AI and mathematics to understand one of the greatest research challenges of our time: what is intelligence? I particularly focus on the theoretical foundations of embodied and social intelligence (in biological and artificial systems) and collaborate with roboticists and psychologists to understand selfhood and social cognition.

I have a background in analytic philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of psychology, phenomenology and sociology. In my work I adopt an interdisciplinary perspective: I focus in particular on the 4E-approaches  (enacted, extended, embodied, embedded aspects of the mind) to cognition and I dialogue and collaborate with psychiatry, psychotherapy research and the cognitive sciences, especially with psychology, robotics and neuroscience.


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