Dr. Miriam Kyselo                                

Philosopher/Cognitive Scientist

_B8A5371 2

I am a philosopher and cognitive scientist, and I am especially interested in the relationship between self, embodiment and social cognition. My current affiliation is with the Berlin Center for Knowledge Research at the Technical University of Berlin, where I am the principle investigator at Inter-Self Lab. My main research goal is to advance the enactive approach to self and intersubjectivity, an integrative outlook on the human self and social cognition, which relies on system-theoretic principles of self-organisation and autonomy.  From an enactive viewpoint, no self is an island. We are versatile relational networks instead, that are embodied and technologically mediated.

I have a background in analytic philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognitive science, phenomenology and sociology. In my work I adopt an interdisciplinary perspective: I focus in particular on the 4E-approaches  (enacted, extended, embodied, embedded aspects of the mind) to cognition and I dialogue and collaborate with psychiatry and the cognitive sciences, especially with psychology, robotics and neuroscience.

Science of Intelligence I am part of “Science of Intelligence“ (SCIoI), an interdisciplinary research group preparing an application for the Excellence Cluster within Germany’s Excellence Strategy Program. In SCIoI, I join forces with great colleagues from various disciplines, including robotics, psychology, philosophy, biology, AI and mathematics to understand one of the greatest research challenges of our time: what is intelligence? We are currently working on the full proposal – fingers crossed! Please check out the ScioI website for more information!


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