Dr. Miriam Kyselo      

Philosopher/Cognitive Scientist


I am a philosopher and cognitive scientist and I am especially interested in the relationship of self, body and sociality. My current affiliation is with the Berlin Center for Knowledge Research at the Technical University of Berlin where I secured a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher grant.

I work on the enactive approach to the self, an integrating view on human selfhood. The core ingredients of enactive selfhood are self-organisation, action and embodiment. We are no islands, but versatile networks of relational processes, bodily grounded and technologically mediated. I am also interested in 1) embodied social cognition – how we understand and interact with others (in dyads or groups) and what it takes to do so in a “good” way; 2) disorders of self and social cognition – what happens when things go wrong; and 3) the role of emotions as well as language in the construction of the self.

In my work I adopt an interdisciplinary perspective: I engage with the 4E-approaches to cognition (enacted, extended, embodied, embedded aspects of the mind) and dialogue with analytic philosophy, psychiatry, phenomenology and the cognitive sciences, especially psychology, neuroscience and robotics.

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