presentations and workshops


02/2020 Science of Intelligence PI lecture series, “Variations of Embodiment”, Berlin, Germany

03/2020 Invited Speaker at ECoGS2020, International Conference on Embodied Cognitive Science, Okinawa Institute of Technology, Japan

04/2020 Keynote Speaker at Two Phenomenologies, Workshop at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

06/2020 Invited Speaker at Perceiving Agents: Self and Other, Workshop at Bochum University, Germany

06/2020 Invited Expert Participant at The Addicted Self in the Age of Information Technology: Exploring the mind’s propensity for habitual and compulsive interactions, University of British Columbia, Canada

10/2020 Invited Speaker at Symposium Embodied Cognition, Royal Swedish Academy of the Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden


01/2020 Invited Speaker at Salon Sophie Charlotte “Weltbilder” of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Berlin, Germany

03/2019 Invited Seminar at the Philosophy, Psychology and Informatics Group (PPIG), University of Edinburgh

06/2018 Invited Talk at The Inhuman Gaze, International Conference, Paris, France

04/2018 Invited Talk at 4E Cognition and the Landscapes of Mental Disorder, University of Exeter, International Conference, United Kingdom

01/2018 “What is Intelligence ? Enactivism, Extended Mind and the Free Energy Principle”, Invited Talk, Interdisciplinary Hybrid Platform Berlin, University of the Arts (UdK) and Technical University Berlin

Autonomy with Others, Invited Talk, Lecture Series “Autonomy and Digital Society”, University of Bonn, Institute of Media Science, Bonn, January, 2018

Sociality and the Minimal Self, Invited Talk, Lecture Series “Cognitive Science”, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, November, 2017

(Conceptual) Blueprints for the Self, Invited Talk, Lecture Series “Trends in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science”, Humboldt University, Berlin, November, 2017,

A Bodily Exploration of Self and Other, Invited Workshop at 19th Herbstakademie, “Embodied Aesthetics: Resonance in Perception, Expression and Therapy”, University of Heidelberg, Germany, October, 2017

The Enactive Approach to Self,  Invited Talk at the “Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Development of the Self”, 7th IEEE (Int. Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics), Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2017

Diversity and the Minimal Self Invited Talk at ENSO Seminar Series, Enactive Seminars Online,, September 2017

Self with Others Invited Talk and Workshop at “Freude und Leid – was macht empfindungsfähig?” (“Joy and Suffering – was makes us sentient?”), Deutsches Jungforschernetwork and Effective Altruism Berlin, Potsdam, July, 2017

Revisiting the Double Bind – A View from the Enactive Self Invited Talk, Workshop “Disordered worlds: Self, persons, and sociality”, Center for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Södertörn Stockholm University, Sweden, April, 2017

“Keep me in the loop”– action and sociality as core ingredients of human self-hood, Invited Talk, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière – ICM, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, France, March, 2017

Integrating 1st- and 3rd-person perspectives in the study of the self: the enactive approach, Invited Talk “Scientific Approaches to the Self”, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI), University of Essen, Germany, March, 2017

Being Alive, Being Social: An Enactive Approach to the Self, Keynote ICREA Workshop “Personhood and the Locked-in Syndrome”, Barcelona, Spain, November, 2016

The Self as Socially Enacted Autonomy, Invited Talk, Dept. of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics, Robotics and Biology Laboratory, Technical University Berlin, Dec, 2015

Towards an Enactive Approach to Psychopathology – With Implications for Schizophrenia. Invited Talk, Psychiatry Beyond Scientism, Freie Universität Amsterdam, Niederlande, January, 2015

The Enactive Self and its Implication for Dyadic Social Interaction, “The Self and the Social”, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, March, 2014

Plenary Comment on “Taking suffering on board, here and now”/El abordaje del sufrimiento, aquí y ahora”. XI Seminario de formación en derechos humanos para educadores, University of the Basque Country, Spain, October, 2013

Distinction and Participation – An Enactive Approach to Self. Keynote at “Wide Cognition and Social Intelligence”. Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, August, 2013

The Struggling Self. TESIS workshop “Psychotherapy and Psychotpathology – An Interpersonal Approach”, Technical University of Munich, Germany, June, 2013

Intrinsic Normativity and Vulnerability – An Enactive Perspective on the Preconditions of Altered Self-Experience. “The Altered Self and Altered Self-Experience”, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, May, 2013

The Socially Enacted Self and its Implications for Psychopathology. Keynote at “Methods in studying social cognition”. University of Duesseldorf, Germany, April, 2013

Towards an Enactive Approach to Psychopathology, TESIS panel at Deutscher Kongress fuer psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie, Heidelberg, Germany, March, 2013

Marie Curie Fellow Comment on Vittorio Gallese, “The bodily self and its motor potentialities. Behavioral and neurophysiological evidence”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, TESIS: Enactive and Phenomenological Approaches to Intersubjectivity, February 2013

Marie Curie Integrative Fellow Comment on Vittorio Gallese, Thomas Fuchs and Claas Lahmann, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, TESIS: Enactive and Phenomenological Approaches to Intersubjectivity, February 2013

From Body to Self -­ Socially Enacted Autonomy in the Light of Locked-­in Syndrome and Schizophrenia. RETECOG, Zaragoza, Spain, January, 2013 and PHITEC Compiegne, France, January, 2013

An Enactive Approach to the Self and Implications for Schizophrenia. The Implications of Embodiment: Enactive, Clinical, Social. Herbstakademie Heidelberg, Germany, Oktober 2012

From Body to Self. TESIS Introductory Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany, November 2011

Through the Enactive Eye – Locked-in Syndrome as a Challenge for Embodied Cognition. 10th Biannual Conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science, Potsdam, Germany, October, 2010

Towards Defining Adaptivity in Cognitive Systems. Klausurtagung of the Graduate School “Adaptivity in Hybrid Systems”, Osnabrueck, Germany April 21, 2010

Belief Integration in Action: A Defense of Extended Beliefs The Social Brain. 11th Meeting of the Junior Research Group “Mind-Group”, Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, May, 2009

Extended Cognition in Application: BCI communication in Locked‐in Syndrome – A Case of Extended Cognition?.  16th Scientific Gestalt Theory Convention of the GTA. Osnabrück, Germany, March, 2009 (invited workshop).


Further Presentations

Denken wir im Kopf? Herausforderungen der Kognitionswissenschaft an die klassische Psychologie. 16th Scientific Gestalt Theory Convention of the GTA. Osnabrück, Germany, March, 2009 (invited talk).

No Action, No Consciousness? Confronting the Enactive Approach to Consciousness with Neuromedical Cases of Locked-­In Syndrome. 8th Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society, Dresden, Germany, October, 2008

An Analysis of Reflexive Monism – On Reconciling 1st-­‐ and 3rd-­‐ person perspectives. DGPhil08, Congress of the German Society of Philosophy. Aachen, Germany, September 2008

From Heterophenomenology to Neurophenomenology: On Fulfilling the Fantasy of First-­Person Science. Neuroethics, 8th Meeting of the Junior Research Group “Mind-­Group”, Frankfurt a.M., Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, May, 2007

Remarks on the Interrelation of Inner Speech, Natural Language and Thought. Dreaming and Consciousness 6th Meeting of the Junior Research Group “Mind-­Group”, Frankfurt a. M., Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, May, 2006


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