Inter-Self Lab
Berlin Center for Knowledge Research
Technical University of Berlin
Strasse des 17. Juni, 135
10623 Berlin, Germany

miriam DOT kyselo AT gmail DOT com

English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Current Position

  • Post-Doc and Principle Investigator at “Inter-Self Lab”, Berlin Center for Knowledge Research, Technical University, Berlin

Past Employments

  • Marie Curie Experienced Researcher (IPODI), Berlin Center for Knowledge Research, Technical University, Berlin
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Theoretical Philosophy, “Science Beyond Scientism” project, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, Spain, Nov 2012- Nov 2014
  • Research Fellow, Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison Institute, New York, U.S., June, 2013
  • Visiting Researcher, Centre for Psychosocial Medicine, Section Phenomenology, Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, March-April, 2013
  • Research Assistant (philosophy of mind), Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck, 2008-2010
  • Student Assistant (sociology), Institute of General Sociology, University of Potsdam, 2005-2006


  • University of Osnabrueck, PhD, Cognitive Science (Summa Cum Laude), defended Nov 2012, “From Body to Self – Towards a Socially Enacted Autonomy -With Implications for Locked-in Syndrome and Schizophrenia”. Reviewers: Ezequiel Di Paolo, Evan Thompson, Sven Walter
  • University of Sussex, M.A., Philosophy of Cognitive Science (With Distinction). “An Analysis of Reflexive Monism – On Reconciling 1st- and 3rd- person perspectives”, Sep 2007
  • Universities of Berlin and Potsdam, graduate and post-graduate Studies in Philosophy and Sociology

Research Area/Interest:

  • Philosophy of mind and cognitive science (enactive, embodied, extended cognition)
  • Philosophy of technology
  • Philosophy of psychology and psychiatry, disorders of the self
  • Phenomenology
  • Dance (Contact improvisation) and other somatic practices

Grants and Fellowships

  • Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, “ESSE” (An Embodied and Social Approach to the Self”), Technical University Berlin, 2015-2017
  • Postdoctoral Grant “Science Beyond Scientism” VU University of Amsterdam, 2014-2015
  • Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, TESIS (Towards an Embodied Science of Intersubjectivity), Node San Sebastian, University of the Basque Country (UPV), 2011-2014
  • PhD Fellow Graduate School “Adaptivity in Hybrid Systems”, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck, 2008-2011

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